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Nickki Praize : I believe single 25th July 2014 on Itunes

We all know Nickki Praize, but for those who don’t.. From the horses mouth ” Who is Nickki Praize ? ”

Ans: (Laughs) Nickki Praize is an upcoming artist…gotten from my middle name Nicholas, who does Afro-pop.

- When we you be Relasiting Your Music?

Ans: That will be on July 26 2014.

- What was the encouragement you got when you professionally ventured into music?

The encouragement was from the singer Kasid always telling me believes in your dream..

- Tell us the kind of music you do?

Reggae, Pop, Worship Song and High-Life

- Who is your mentor?

God is my mentor and Kasid such an inspiration

How is it like being an Upcoming artist in today’s Music Industry?

Its not easy composing songs, meeting new people and building a fan base..

- Well on behalf of the entire team..we honour you hanging out with us. What’s your recommendation to the fams out there for Coal Press Nation?

hanging out with Coalp Press nation because they have got the best entertainment news ever!!! Love y’all and God bless.

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