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Upcoming Nigeria Music Artist Need To Wake Up, You Losing A Lost

You an upcoming artist, you want to earn from your work's but you are stuck between your thought thinking I am not known  an I wouldn't make a cent from my music and I don't think am 50% going to earn a cent from my song's putting it in store.

Now let me tell you one secret "Nigeria" music is growing so you need to grow up, bloggers make money from their ad's and yet they still extra money from you upcoming artist as a way to make your song go viral when honestly they not even doing 20% for you, they just upload your song and take money from you. You upcoming artist are so foolish putting out work's you paid for, for free download and so on. I understand publication is what you trying to do but don't be fooled by the system, In South Africa you put out a song and people be like where can I buy it or stream it.

First you need to grow your mind and think about the global rule, which is collecting your royalties not letting them go over a wanting to be a Pop star. Bellow I would explain how to monetize your "Sound Could account and earn from your upload and so on.

Probably you never heard of "TuneCore" "Spinnup" "Loudr" and so on, in the comfort of your home you can distribute your songs without having third party coming in. You get your royalties in full. Imagine spending 200k to record a song and earn nothing close to that, let me tell you one secret our record producers in Nigeria are lazy, they would produce for you and you do everything yourself and at the end they would come for their royalties bring the law into it.I have friend's that have featured big name's but didn't release the song again after they told them that they collect 30% of whatever come's out of the song but they wouldn't promote the song how fair is that.

The Many Benefits of Digital Distribution 
Why choose digital distribution?

Digital music sells the best, and will continue to rise. The revenues of the music industry make it clear – digital is the way to go. Here are the global revenues of the industry in 2016:
 • 50% from digital revenues
• 34% from physical format sales (CDs, vinyl, cassettes)
• 14% from performance rights (radio, shows, etc)
• 2% from Synchronization revenues (movies and ad syncs)

An all this are 2016, imagine the growth between 2016 and 2018 and yet you still waiting for that blog to have your song on free download when you can give them your Apple Music link or a iflame of your song on Spotify to enable you generate money. You have lost enough and you still doing, thank God we now have Universal Music Nigeria is platform can help you go a long way and what are you waiting for go distribute with them and earn yourself more money and get your royalties.


With any of this distributors you can monetize your sound cloud and make cool money

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